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What is the Internship Simulator?

Exploring tech careers in a work-based learning environment

Career preparation: the internship simulator

Recognizing the scarcity of internships despite their crucial role in acquiring professional skills, the Internship Simulator emerged as an innovative solution. With limited internship positions available, countless individuals are left without the opportunity to gain practical experience. MAXX Potential, a veteran in the IT industry, crafted the Internship Simulator to bridge this gap, providing a platform for learners to gain essential skills and experience without the limitations of traditional internship programs.

What is the internship simulator?

The Internship Simulator is a simulated work environment that replicates real-world challenges faced by IT professionals in Fortune 500 companies. It offers a safe space for participants to gain experience through hands-on learning and teamwork, focusing on tasks and challenges beyond the risk tolerance of typical workplaces.

How does the internship simulator work?

The Internship Simulator offers flexible scheduling (40-280 hours), accommodates teams of 3-15 in various IT roles, and is available in-person, virtually, or as a hybrid. A comprehensive curriculum and professional development are provided to ensure a well-rounded learning experience.

What do participants gain from the internship simulator?

Participants emerge with resume-worthy job experience, real-world industry insights, in-demand technical and professional skills, a foundational professional network, and mentorship from experienced IT professionals.

Does the internship simulator offer specialization in different it roles?

Yes, in longer sessions, participants have the opportunity to rotate through different roles within the company, including software development, data analytics, AI, cybersecurity, IT support/helpdesk, and leadership roles like project management and Agile coaching.

What happens after the internship simulator?

Upon completion, participants are eligible to apply to the full-time apprenticeship program, offering a pathway to further their careers and deepen their expertise in the IT field.

Why choose the internship simulator?

The Internship Simulator provides a consistent, accessible learning experience unconstrained by employer-based positions. It operates in real-time, enabling collaborative teamwork on relevant scenarios, fostering deep engagement and diverse learning
opportunities. By simulating real-world challenges, it ensures all participants gain valuable, hands-on experience, uniquely complementing traditional internships.