MAXX Potential

We unlock potential.


By dedicating a space for individuals to grow and harness their technical skills, we are changing the landscape of the IT industry. 


We created the program we would have wanted as both aspiring technology professionals and as IT Leaders.

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Our experienced team understands what it’s like to try to break into the industry, AND how difficult it is to find hard-working, high potential tech talent. As passionate problem-solvers, we were driven to find a better alternative to the current model. 

Where other companies train, we mentor. Maxx Potential Apprentices are seen as people to be developed and invested, rather than resources to be leveraged. These may seem like just subtle differences between common terms, but to us, genuine care and concern for the Customers and Apprentices we work with is a way of life. It dictates how we structure and run our business. And, by doing so, it creates a win-win-win.

For Customers, we provide reliable managed services in addition to diverse, high-potential and highly-motivated candidates while reducing costs, and holding the risk.

For Apprentices, we provide a paycheck, industry experience, mentoring, and support without opportunity-limiting contracts or revenue-share agreements.

For the Local Community, we strengthen the workforce, grow the regional economy and expand tech literacy in the geographic regions we serve.

The MAXX Potential Difference

We believe that experience is the best teacher.

Our company is founded and run by experienced IT professionals. We have built things, secured systems, managed vendors, large teams, and everything between. We focus on getting our Apprentices the hands-on experience they need, as we know this is the most effective way to launch their careers.

We treat people differently.

We don’t think of our Apprentices as resources or commodities. They are people. People with a passion for problem-solving and continuous learning, who are only in need of an opportunity to prove themselves.

Diversity makes us better.

Our Apprentices come from all walks of life. We attract college graduates and career-changers, and also partner with many non-profits and school systems to ensure we reach as many under-represented communities as possible. No one is ruled out based on their resume or past experience. We dig deeper and look for traits that make technologists successful – and it’s working. Just look where some of our alumni are now.

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We are committed to serving the greater good by providing technology services, increasing the supply of talent and creating jobs in the regions we serve. Does this sound interesting to you?

US-based Talent at Globally Competitive Rates?
We’re here to help.

MAXX Potential Apprentices are nationwide and ready to assist. We also currently support three major operation hubs. 

Richmond, Virginia

Norfolk, Virginia

Durham, North Carolina

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