MAXX Potential

The next generation of work-based learning

An unmatched "learning to earning" pathway for secondary and early college students

MAXX Potential helps educators deliver hands-on information technology focused career and technical education (CTE) programs for students which can transition into full-time employment. We do this through 3 main programs:


Career Lab workshops provide IT Career Awareness and Career Exploration to middle and high school students. Workshops can be customized to the needs of the school and range from 1-hour class sessions up to 20-hour interactive workshops spanning multiple days. Learn more about career lab.



Work Simulator provides IT Career Preparation for high school students and provides the same work-based learning experience as an Externship or Internship from 40 up to 280 hours. The simulator is an immersive experience where a cohort of 3 – 12 students take on job roles in a simulated work environment and get hands-on while they learn how to collaborate with others to deliver against deadlines and expectations. Learn more about the simulator.



Apprenticeship can provide a transition for a qualified post-grad to an entry-level paid IT Career role. Here they gain critical experience in professional skills under the mentorship of experienced IT industry professionals invested in their success. Learn more about apprenticeships.