Master Technologist


Master Technologist


Baltimore, MD, Richmond, VA


Tackle Big Problems and Impact Lives

Our business model is unique and so are our Master Technologists. They are as comfortable with code as they are with customers. They are passionate learners AND teachers. They want to use their tech skills to make a difference.

Things you’ll likely do:

  • Work with a large enterprise customer to understand requirements and clarify expectations
  • Meet with a client’s senior architect to talk about the platform changes required to deliver on next year’s digital marketing strategy
  • Estimate level of effort for tasks associated with the next Sprint
  • Help an apprentice resolve a merge conflict and point out ways they could have written this set of changes more efficiently
  • Have a 1-on-1 with an apprentice to talk about the latest and greatest version of Javascript
  • Write a cool programming challenge that will drive your apprentices nuts



  • Have at least 5 years experience in technical roles, and depth in at least 1 programming language
  • Are an ambitious problem-solver who doesn’t shy away from challenges
  • Appreciate all parts of the SDLC, even that pesky O&M stuff
  • Are a ‘master of the metaphor’, and able to talk tech with beginners
  • Like to get and want to keep your hands dirty
  • Have an impeccable say/do ratio with a bias toward “do”
  • Believe in continuous self-learning with a hands-on approach
  • Love your craft and hope to leave a mark on the world, hopefully in the hearts and minds of others

What does success look like?

  • Our customers love you
  • Our apprentices want to be you
  • You proudly watch apprentices fly off into awesome jobs, knowing you made a difference
  • You are kicking ass at everything you set your mind to, and still can’t think of anything but how to up your game